He’s Sound Asleep and Bundled Up

I just posted THREE ads on craigslist. No, not in the personals. No, I’m not getting rid of Nimoo Kitty.

I’m selling a few baby items, like the jolly jumper (hours of active entertainment), the pack n play, and the crib.

That’s right! The crib!

Two evenings ago we went big-boy-bed shopping – Cameron, Dad, Janice, and I. We brought home an extendable bed from Ikea, sheets, duvet, duvet cover. Last night there was a quick dash to Ikea again, as we thought we had the wrong mattress … but we didn’t.

Today while I was at work, Dad and Janice set about getting Cameron’s new room set up. Oh, it’s still the awful rusty orange colour, not much to be done about that right now. But Cameron watched while his crib was dismantled. Apparently all morning long he talked about his new big-boy bed. That afternoon he helped assemble his bed!

When I got home, Cameron was eager to show me HIS BED. We laid down in it and snuggled, played at going to sleep and waking up, played with his stuffies. The bed is huge, by the way. Way wider than I had anticipated, and it won’t be easier or feel more spacious in there at all. Oh well. We talked all evening long, off and on, about how he will sleep in his new bed tonight.

PJs on and all clean, it was time! I snuggled with him and tried to read Little Bear, but he wanted to talk and chat and sing and play. Finally, I got through the story, and snuggled him goodnight. Janice’s turn. Dad’s turn. Lights out, night-night!

Now, Cameron did play in bed and fuss a little for well over half an hour. But it wasn’t too bad!

He’s sound asleep now, bundled up in his warm duvet, looking half-lost in that huge bed. It was so hard to not wrap my arms around him and snuggle him some more when I tucked him in!


3 responses to “He’s Sound Asleep and Bundled Up

  1. Awwww… I can so relate. Cody went from a crib to a twin. He’s now in a queen! LOL They do look tiny in those bigger beds. But I also love to snuggle with him at bedtime (hence Cody got my old queen for that reason!!)


  2. Oh Yay! He’s a big boy now.

    You’ll have to let me know how Craigs list goes. I want to get rid of Allie’s baby clothes, and I don’t want to have to deal with the shipping of Ebay, but the thought of having craigslisters come to my house is a little too scary for me!

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