Climbing and Other Leaps

Cameron has made some big conceptual leaps in the last week or so that I just have got to share. Well – some parts conceptual, some parts language, some parts physical. Total Mommyblog entry.

For some time he’d struggled with the mini climbing walls now popular at kid’s playgrounds, often replacing a ladder to reach a slide. He would grudgingly allow me to assist him to climb, clutching tightly and frantically kick-feeling with his foot. A couple of weeks ago at the playground near Nana’s he made some serious progress. He’d reached a point where he could climb up one by himself. But there was still a lot of scrabbling with his feet, trying to blindly find the right foothold while he kept his body close to the surface. Today there was a break in the rain, and on the way home we stopped at the local school’s playground. After a little while, Cameron decided it was time to try climbing. Okay okay, I started climbing, which meant that he HAD to go first. A little manipulation on my part. Up he went, half swinging, half dancing. He’d hang on tightly with his hands and let his body move out from the wall, so he could watch where his feet were going. Up went his feet, then up to the next handhold. He also discovered that you don’t need to cling with both hands. One will do. So if your foot needs to go where a hand was, just move the hand. Tadah!

His language skills have surged. Dad, Janice, and I have been making him ask for things in full sentences, and if he forgets ‘please’ he has to start again. “More milk,” even with a reminded, “please,” coming a few moments later, isn’t quite enough. Just getting him to start again and say, “Mama may I have some more milk please,” even if the please goes in the wrong spot or twice, seems to be making a difference. He’s also a little chatterbox when he’s in the right mood. He and Mom had quite a conversation on the phone tonight. Mind you, I had to step in when he said, “My penguin has feet,” and Mom answered something along the lines of, “Yes, you’ll sleep in your bed tonight, your big-boy bed.” Okay, so he talks lots, but isn’t always crystal clear.

Lastly, a neat little thing I’ve noticed. A week ago, Cameron would look at a picture of himself and say, “That’s Cameron.” Not, “That’s me!” If I pointed to a picture of myself and asked him who that was, he would answer, “That’s Mama!” But now he’ll look at a picture of both of us and say, “That’s me, Mama! And there you are!” Is this a concept development, or language development? Or concept of language development?

Time for me to cover up Cameron (it’s chilly, but he refused his duvet tonight), do some tidying, and head to bed. We’re on our own tonight, as Dad and Janice went to visit my Dad’s cousin.


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