Never Doubt for One Minute

… that little ears are listening.

Cameron and I were playing in his room when we got home. He started a role playing game, where he was leaving for work, and I was staying at daycare.

“Byebye Mommy, I’m going to work,” he announced. “You stay at daycare. Play with Sleepy Sheep. Love you!” And off he went into the living room. A few moments later, back he came, proclaiming that he missed me ALL day long! I asked him what he did at work. “Some jobs,” was the first answer. “I was using the virus room!” A pause. “The ink-baters were broken.”

Now tell me, how many two-and-a-half year olds know the words ‘virus’ and ‘incubator.’ He listens when I talk to other people! He and I do chat about our days while we ride the bus home, but I tend to simplify things a whole lot.


2 responses to “Never Doubt for One Minute

  1. Allie always says, “Bye! I’m going to the store now!” She leaves, then runs back in and says, “I’m home now!” And I say, “Oh, good! I missed you so much! What did you buy at the store?”

    Her answer is always the same: “Milk and juice and cookies.”

    Hmmm. Yeah, I do like my cookies. Perhaps I should cut back…

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