I’ve been watching the election progression with some interest – both north and south of the 49th.   And I’ve really tried to write out my thoughts on the issues, but nothing is coming out clearly. I’m wiped. Besides. It comes down to one point.

No matter who you vote for, no matter whether you’re in the US or Canada, get out and vote!

I understand that in the US it may already be too late for you to register to vote – and you have to register to vote. But look into it if you’re not registered, maybe I’m wrong. If you’re registered, great! Now, vote.

In Canada we do things differently. Elections take less time, we have more than two main parties to vote for, aaaaand we can register at the polls. You need proof of identity and of address, and ta-dah! You can mark your ballot. So no excuses. Your boss legally has to give you time to go vote, too.

We’re talking about having a chance to have a say in how Canada is governed: what happens in Afghanistan, how or if polluters are taxed extra, childcare spaces and that $100 per kid we’re getting, what taxes we pay, how the money is spent, how Canada will deal with the environment, how we’ll deal with the recent economic turns. Surely there’s something in there that will make you get out and vote?

What’s that you say? You don’t know what each party stands for? I’ll bet you anything that every single newspaper is going to carry a spread comparing the major platforms this weekend. You’re grumbling that the parties aren’t accountable for what they promise? Well okay, that’s pretty true, but not a good excuse. Some of what they promise they might just partially do.

Pssst. The Canadian election is this Tuesday. Just in case you didn’t know.


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