A Wonderful Weekend

I think that I think that roughly half of all of you who regularly read here are in the US, so this might sound a little odd.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We here in Canada celebrate Thanksgiving in early October, and it’s a Monday. Families however vary on which day they actually hold their traditional dinner, if they have one.

When I was little, Thanksgiving was always at my Grandma’s house; she was my father’s mother. Grandma had a lovely singing voice when I was young, and I’m told it was nothing compared with her voice in her youth. She was warm and loving, always had a hug, loved to dust small girl’s noses with powder at her vanity. Grandpa was in the hospital from the time I was very young, and I have few memories of him. Grandma lived in Belleville, in a lovely old house with that old-house aroma to it – dustiness, whatever cleaner she used throughout the decades, and just general … old house. My home now has an element of that, which is what initially attracted me when I started off skeptical. The weekend was warm and family-full. Grandma always bought treats for my sister and me – I especially remember chocolate and for breakfast, individual-serving sized boxes of the sugar-laden cereals we never got at home. Lunches and dinners were always around the large, dark, solid-wood dining room table, and always a somewhat formal affair compared with our normal dinners. But Thanksgiving was when the good china was brought out, silverware, crystal. Dad carved the turkey. We brought mince and pumpkin pies from home many years. Yummy comfort food, with loving family, and lots of laughter.

More recently, Thanksgiving is a ‘cottage’ holiday. Mom and Bill have a house they’ve built on lakefront property, more a luxury home to retire to with all the special details. They’ve built their dream home! Dinner there is a more casual, relaxed, everyone-pitches-in gathering. The turkey has the stuffing I’ve loved since being a kid, plus an addition I’ve grown to love, sausage. Sometimes there’s a novel yummy asian-inspired vegetable. A mix of old and new, blending of families, and again – yummy food, loving family, and lots of laughter.

This year I couldn’t get home. So as I’ve written about, Dad and Janice came to bring Thanksgiving here. I was skeptical, I mean, would we do a turkey? There’s no room! There’s no way to make it ‘feel’ special, no china, no crystal, no forest around us or lake below us.

But it was wonderful. We did have a turkey, roasted to perfection. I made pumpkin pie; I now dislike mince so though its scent is strongly linked with Thanksgiving in my mind, I left it out. The food was yummy, but best of all it was warm and relaxing and special. Cameron didn’t quite ‘get’ that it was a special supper, but he did enjoy the turkey. Chris came for supper, I’m so glad, as she is such a dear friend that she IS family. And having Dad and Janice here was lovely. As always, there was plenty of laughter.

So, happy Thanksgiving everyone, whether you celebrated it this weekend or won’t until November.


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