Happinesses Revisited

No, I’m not downward spiralling, this is a preventative measure, or maybe just an appreciative moment. I’ve not been conciously nor concienciously (wow, I think I spelled that right) doing my happythoughts posts for a while, so here’s a dedicated one.

I’m so happy that Cameron adjusted well to his Big Boy Bed. He’s got the hang of the duvet, too, and will pull it up over his bum at the very least on his own.

Dry pants, dry pants, dry p-a-n-t-s! Yep, he’s got the hang of keeping his pants dry. His undies still get a bit damp before he clues in sometimes though.

Cameron’s penguin is sitting lopsided and goofy. Makes me grin.

The apartment is CLEAN. Shining clean. Laundry all done and neatly folded. Dusted. Vacuumed. Dishes washed. Fridge clean. Pantry stocked and tidy and clean. Bathroom shiney. Sheets changed, washed, folded. WINDOWS ARE WASHED. Many many thanks to Janice for all her hard work.

Various fix-it things around the apartment are done. A picture is hung, squeaks taken care of, the source of water dripping under my kitchen sink was discovered. My toolbox is cleaned up and sorted out, a monstrous job I’d dreaded doing. Thanks Dad!

A new picture is hanging in Cameron’s room. While it features a very religious/spiritual verse that sort of makes me uncomfortable, it’s still sweet in its sentiment. And the origins of the picture are sentimental as well. My aunt’s long-time childhood friend lost her son when he was around twenty, to a horrible, long and lingering cancer. This picture used to hang in his bedroom. Judy gave it to me when Cameron was born, and I understand it is the first sentimental item that she has ‘let go’. So I cherish it. And this makes me happy – that something that meant so much to her, that belonged to someone so loved, is now my son’s.

Cameron spent a wonderful two weeks being spoiled, cuddled, loved, kissed, hugged, read to, played with, taken places, fed his favourite foods … and generally being wrapped from head to toe in warm fuzzy blankets of love.

Much much more, but … time for me to start to think about heading bedwards. Curling up after a shower, in clean PJs, in clean sheets … to sleep. At least until a wee little guy has to go pee in the early morning hours.


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