A Fishing Rod Transformed

You read about the marvel of kid’s imaginations. How they’ll make a gun, a horse, a truck out of anything. But the reality is making my jaw rather accustomed to being on the floor.

No, Cameron never makes guns out of anything. I doubt he’s even seen a picture of one at this point. Okay okay, that’s not true. I’m sure that at some point he’s seen the horrible picture of me holding a gun and a dead gopher or whatever that field-infesting rodent was. Surprise! I’ve got great aim. But anyway.

He’s picked up on a new game: make some random object into as many things as you possibly can!

Take tonight in the tub, for example. He has a ‘fishing rod’, a small wooden stick with a magnet on a string, that’s originally for a Melissa & Doug puzzle. Alright, he started off with it being a fishing rod. Then he got tired of seeing what it would stick to. In rapid fire, the rod became a tug boat, a crane lifting a bucket of water (the magnet was the bucket), windshield wipers (swish swish), a boy caweeling (cartwheeling), a pen, a bird with a long neck, a bug, and I forget what else. Each imaginary item got played with long enough for me to understand what it was, then on to the next.

The little knit baubles on my sweater this morning were berries to pick and eat, cows on a field, mushrooms (don’t eat them!), fingers …

The rug in the living room is a boat, a trampoline, a zoo, a cloud (I asked if it was sunset, because the cloud was red, and was informed that the sun was coming up. Over there!), a bus, a swimming pool.

Every day something becomes, in the eyes of my little boy who is still learning how to make his mouth make the sounds he hears, anything he can imagine it to be. I do my best to encourage this! I get right in there and play along. Sometimes he’ll ask me what the Kleenex box will be next, and sometimes I jump in when he pauses, but mostly I just follow his lead. And I watch as he changes my view of the world in so many ways.


2 responses to “A Fishing Rod Transformed

  1. isn’t imagination great? i’m so jealous that you actually live in Vancouver…I’ve been there once and just fell in love with it.

    Like your blog alot! Very intelligent and witty!

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