Laaa la-la-la-la laaaa!

“I wanna hear the alligator song!”

I had no clue what he was talking about, but instantly reacted by giving him the look. You know the one. The one that says I know what you’re saying but won’t respond until you ask nicely. I’m getting good at that look.

Cameron rephrased the statement as a question, carefully including two pleases. Great. Now I had to figure out what the heck he was talking about. I asked a couple questions, but all I got was an impatient “A-li-ga-tor song, Mommy, please!”

I hauled out my computer and opened up youtube, to find Crocodile Rock. Good news, there’s the Muppets version! So Cameron watched that happily three times, laughing at the crocodiles and pointing. “Looooooook Mommy! Looooook!” Either it was what he wanted, or was close enough. We perused a few other Elton John appearances on the Muppets, then it was bath time. The only reason I could manage to pry him away without a crowbar was that the computer ran out of battery power. Phew. I wonder if I can plan that?

When it was finally bed time (mental note, no pumpkin pie fifteen minutes before bed, holy energy!) Cameron snuggled down in and grabbed his alligator (or crocodile? Some biologist I am, I don’t know the difference, has something to do with teeth). Here we had a new development. While I was trying in vain to read to Cameron, his alligator sang. And talked. Cameron has discovered the idea of moving a stuffie’s mouth when they ‘talk’. This was the first time I’d noticed him talking ‘for’ an animal too. Boundaries were pushed: the alligator ‘hit’ me, and Cameron watched closely to see what I would do. Alligator was told the rules of the house – time outs for hitting – and promptly did it again. Okay, Cameron discovered that time outs for the alligator mean he doesn’t get to play with it!

Cameron’s now tossing and turning, presumably trying to sleep. And all I can hear in my head is the Crocodile Rock tune.


One response to “Laaa la-la-la-la laaaa!

  1. hee hee hee… In our house, this would be a song that they play on the Disney Channel:

    “My name is Mikey, and this is Al
    He’s fun and friendly and my very best pal
    But I need your help so Al can get it right
    Mom won’t let me keep him until he acts polite
    My All-i-gator
    Teach him some manners
    Can you teach my alligator manners?”

    We sing this daily to Allie! Whenever she refuses to share a toy, we’ll say, “Oh, Allie’s being a rude reptile. Too bad.”

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