Sleepy Ramblings

I’m sleepy and I’ve promised myself an early bedtime. Back when Cameron was itty-bitty A showed me a video from some church group satellite-broadcast conference or workshop or something. I think it had to do with relationship counseling. The company he did a bit of work for was doing their a/v setup.

The bit that I remember most was done by a minister (reverend? Pastor? Something like that, sorry, I’m not up on my religious leader titles) who had fantastic stage presence. A talented motivational speaker. What I remember of his lecture that struck me was how he never sleeps in. At the time I was sleep deprived and thought he was stark raving mad. But what he said he does is that he treats himself by going to bed early. That he finds he’s more refreshed, more well-rested, when he does it the reverse of ‘normal’.

I keep saying I’m going to bed early. I keep trying. But then there are dishes to do. Laundry to do. A bath to have. The kitty to play with.

Cameron had troubles falling asleep tonight. At first he howled and sobbed about getting into his PJs. Then he wanted more stories than I was prepared to read, and wailed and sobbed some more. If he couldn’t have this story and that story and this other story and then another, then he didn’t even want to hear Little Bear. He would NOT lie down. So I turned off the light, kissed him, and left the room, leaving him sitting up and flatly refusing to have covers over him. Two minutes later a sad little voice called me back in. He had pulled the covers up over himself. Story read, kisses given, he asked me to go back out to the living room. Rare, but it happens. Silence for around ten minutes, broken only by enormous yawns, then he wanted me to come back. Where am I going with this? Well, I fell asleep in his bed. And it felt sooo good. I only woke up because the cat jumped on the bed and startled me.

Time to do a reverse-sleep-in.

As soon as I do the dishes. I’m determined to keep this place clean for at least a week. Ugh. Think I’ll get to bed before midnight?


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