Daddy Tot Gym Saves the Day

I usually reserve Daddy Tot Gym for rainy Saturdays, but we wound up there in desperation today. I know that’s one of the few places I can get some peace, even if the peace is filled with high-pitched kiddie songs and shrieks.

Why “Daddy Tot Gym?” Most local community centres do a tot gym thing at least a few weekday mornings, and mid-day on Saturdays. We went a lot while I was looking for jobs, and man, the Saturdays sure have a different atmosphere. Same toys, same lady running it (she’s odd, but friendly enough), and a lot of the kids are the same kids. The parents, however, differ.

Weekdays generally are stay-at-home moms and daycare providers (a couple of whom break the mold and are guys) with the odd father joining in. Moms generally sit on the benches catching up, sipping their coffees.

Weekends I’m in the minority by far. It’s FILLED with dads. Sure, there’s the odd single mom in there (me and my friend Heidi and one other who I saw), a few families, but generally the kids are there with dad. Some are single dads getting their kids for the weekend, but most are married ones taking the kids so the mom can have a break. I try to not get jealous there.

Cameron can go wild there, and he usually can play quite independently. Today he spent most of his time trucking around in Flintstone-style cars (powered by the kid inside ‘walking’ with his feet), though he did spend some time in the climbing area. That required hovering on my part, as he’s not yet stable enough to climb everywhere unsupervised. He also needed some assistance with the big soft building block section, where the older kids tend to go a little feral and play rough. But still I managed some quiet time catching up with Heidi (whose situation reminded me of how lucky I am to not have to deal with Cameron’s father in the picture) and some time chatting with a trio of dads. I even managed two cups of coffee and a quick browse through the weekend paper.

Not a bad day, considering how it started. Add in three playgrounds, MEC, JJs, temper tantrums and no nap … Cameron dozed off while I read him Little Bear, well before 9:00. Now I’m gonna take massive quantities of vitamin C to combat this cold, and tuck myself into bed after a short perusal of my favourite corners of the web.


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