ohmygawdsmyhead hurts. So I’m doing the logical thing and focusing on my computer. But only for a minute. Cameron’s on a “settle down” timeout – on the comfy chair in the living room.

He’s been up since five thirty, you see. A needy play with me kind of awake. A scream in your ear if you don’t get up and play right now kind of awake.

I feel like crap from head to toe. Sucky morning. What’s worse is I know it’s not just me – from how he’s acting I doubt Cameron feels sick, but he’s not having a happy-fun morning with a cranky sick mommy. He’s bored. He wants to be at daycare.


One response to “whining

  1. Oh I remember those days! And I don’t envy you the tired, not feeling well, but still have to be mommy times. I love my kids to death…but I would never have the energy to do it over again!

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