Monster in the Bright Light

I didn’t think anything of Cameron closing his bedroom door while we were tidying up before bed. He was chattering away, but I wasn’t listening. Maybe I should’ve known his imagination was working on hyperdrive, since we had just washed a monster down the drain in the tub. But no, my thoughts were going something like, “This goes here, that goes there, Cameron would you put that away please, then we’ll read two stories, sip of water, two more, lights out.” Lists, lists, lists.

Great. We did the first two-turned-into-four stories. I forgot the water (and had to get it later). Time to head into bed! Cameron dug his heels in right before the door. “No! No! No!” I opened the door. The horror! I couldn’t see it, but …

“There’s a MONSTER in there Mommy!”

I immediately reassured him that Dragon-lives-above-your-door-and-keeps-you-safe has one job and one job only, to keep my little boy safe from monsters and anything else. How would a monster get in there, literally right under the door dragon? Simple. Cameron put it in there.

I got Cameron into his room, and said, “Look, see, the monster must have left out the window.” No way, I was corrected, the monster was still in there.

Easy solution: Get the dragon off his door, and chase out the monster. I thought this was pretty clever! The dragon‘flew’ in, wriggling and putting on a show, swirled around Cameron, checked out all the corners of the bed and under the pillow, dove down behind the head of the bed, looked over the top of the curtains, swept behind the curtains. Then it was down and under the bed! Swish, swoosh, out the door, and the dragon chased the monster right out the WC window! SLAM.

The dragon reassured Cameron with a hug, and went back to his home over the door. Pretty clever, thought I, congratulating myself on my creativity and puppetry skills. I’d sent the dragon into all the dark and shadowy, scary and questionable places a monster could hide, right?

Wrong. Of course.

I missed the top of the dresser, right beside the light.

I think I might’ve just set myself up for a nightly command performance.


2 responses to “Monster in the Bright Light

  1. Now love, why did Cameron put a monster in his own room? Did Cameron trick his Guard Dragon? That’s not a nice thing to do to his very own Guard Dragon! I thought Monsters had to go home to their Mommies after supper? Did Cameron scare the monster by putting it in his room?
    You missed so many questions! You could have been up for several hours more!

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