The Dragon Chronicles Continued

I thought I had it figured out. Really. I took the dragon down from Cameron’s door and curled it over the foot of his bed, arranged just so, so it was watching the door. Cameron didn’t notice.

When we went into his room for his last story, I explained. You see, the dragon was a little miffed yesterday when Cameron snuck a monster into his room. How is he supposed to keep Cameron safe? So he flew down to the bed to wait there, where he could make sure that didn’t happen again. Now that he knew the room was monster-free and Cameron was safe, he wanted to go back over the door where he could guard the room.

Do y’all think my clever son bought it, and therefore had no means to delay bedtime?


“I want him! He sleeps with me! Nooooo! He sleeps with me! I want him! I want him! I want him!”

So, the dragon curled up in bed with Cameron. Fine, right? Minor delay?

Oh, no. The dragon talked throughout the bedtime story, flopped around, landed on my face, grrred. So much that I only read three pages of the story and skipped to the end, and Cameron didn’t even notice.

They’re in there now, playing in the darkness.

But hey … all things considered, this isn’t too bad. It’s only 8:30. He’s already had the obligatory sip of water five minutes after lights-out. Ten more minutes and it’ll be a pee trip. Maybe he’ll be out before nine!

Update #1: 8:38 pm. Pee time. And the dragon wanted to be back on the door. I’ve presented Cameron with a new deal, can’t recall who gave me this idea. He can call me in again if he likes … but I’ll close the door partway on my way out. Next time, the door will be closed more. Then more. Then done, door closed, and I won’t come in again. Let’s see how this one goes. I wouldn’t mind a slightly later bedtime if down was down and I’m the only one who can fix that!

Update #2: 8:48. “Cameron, remember I said I’m going to close the door part of the way if you call me in again? Do you still want me to come in?” A very sleepy-sad no.

Update #3: 8:55. “Seriously, you want me to come in? Okay.” He wanted to run through the night-nights again. I obliged, it’s only five or six items. I solemnly closed the door a quarter of the way on my way out, improvising a door stop out of one of his WOW people. Wouldn’t you know it … not only no objections, but a demand. “A big bit! Close it more, Mommy!” Now I ask you, how is this supposed to work if he WANTS it shut? Can he really be so clever as to have figured the ‘game’ out?

Update #4: He did finally fall asleep, not long after nine.


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