It’s Been One Week

Here we go. No, I’m not thinking “Since you looked at me,” as the lyrics go. It’s been one week plus one evening since Dad and Janice left. I’d predicted that this would be a tough week – and in some ways it was. The weekend had its seriously hard moments. We’ve yet to get out the door ‘on time’ in the morning. But we survived.

I’m happy to report that the apartment still looks pretty much the same as when they left! Oh, I’ve not magically morphed into a domestic goddess, I’ve not hired a maid, and I’ve not just simply thrown out everything.

The living room is tidy, clean, and dusted – yep, dusted. Vacuuming is a challenge as Cameron’s back to not appreciating the vacuum. There are no forgotten coffee mugs or bowls stacked on the desk. Cameron’s “things that go” toys are in one corner, puzzles in another, random box of toys in another, soft building blocks from Lee Valley are neatly stashed in the footstool’s storage. And we’ve even had them out twice! Books are confined to the random box’s corner and the bookshelves. Cameron’s wardrobe has not yet expanded back onto the desk or chair. There are no towels left on the floor (this is where I get Cameron dressed as his room is too small really).

My bedroom is still a mess, but there are no clothes on the floor and no glasses or mugs accumulated on the bedside table. Or any other place, though I’m sure that’s partly because there’s no room on the dresser top. Too messy.

The bathtub, sink, mirror, and toilet are clean. The bathroom and WC are generally tidy. Weekend laundry got done – and I even folded and put way the clean clothes.

The hall is still tidy.

The kitchen is the bane of my attempts at good housekeeping. That, and my dresser, are where it all falls apart. But right now it’s not tooooo bad. It’s a mess, but not an unmanageable one, and only because I decided it’s time to make some squash soup. So there’s a pot with onions, sweet potato (darnit, was on autopilot and prepped them like I do for broccoli soup, left the skins on. I like velvety smooth squash soup!), and half an acorn squash on the stove, and still another half squash plus one more of a type I don’t know the name of. There’s a bowl of cleaned squash seeds ready for roasting. A quick wipe of the table and counter, a few dishes, a sweep of the floor and garbage out and it’ll be good enough. Oh. And maybe scoop the kitty litter. Joy.

Still, not bad. I should add as well that my bed and Cameron’s both got made every single morning. I’ve rearranged two drawers in the kitchen so I have space to put my hair dryer, brush, straightening iron, etc. (yes, they live in the kitchen as I have an electrical-outlet-challenged apartment). Ta-dah!


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