Blue Flowers

I got dressed this morning, like just about any other one. It was still dark, but I’d set out my clothes so I wouldn’t have to turn on the light to get dressed, giving me a few precious minutes. If Cameron sees any sort of light, even indirect down the hall through the livingroom and into his room type of light, that’s his cue to wake. Getting dressed with him awake takes an order of magnitude longer than it does when he’s still sleeping. So I pulled on my brown-ish cords, a dark brown tank top, and a warm burgundy sweater, then turned on the light. On cue, Cameron called for me a few short minutes later. On with the day. But before heading out the door I decided that my sweater was too itchy to wear with a tank top. Quick substitution – a pink long sleeved shirt, thin T-shirt material, sweater back on – and out the door.

Work involved much running around. Then the sun started to sink low – and my office faces sort-of-west. It started to get warm. So I pulled off my sweater before dashing off to do a few things. A walk down the hall to get some media, change the water filter pack (which involved scaling up onto the sink using all my climbing skills – we need to buy a stepladder). Walks back and forth from my office to the printer to someone’s desk and back. Time to go. I pulled on my sweater, and off I went to get Cameron.

The day had warmed up considerably, and Cameron was being difficult so I carried him lots. Got in the door, yanked off my sweater, went to the washroom to wash my hands.

And in the mirror clearly saw my lovely blue-flower patterned lacey bra through the thin pink T shirt material.


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