It’s Friday. Finally.

I had no clue until picking up Cameron yesterday what was going on. He flashed between happy-Cameron and meltdown-Cameron so fast my head was spinning on Tuesday. Wednesday it was worse. Mornings were horrid – either he woke super-early or was tough to get out of bed, then of course he would drag his feet and find every delay possible. But Thursday evening his Daycare provider filled me in. None of the kids were napping. It’s a long story as to why, and the reasons behind this will be taken care of fairly soon, but one of the little guys was so overtired he was beyond being able to sleep; hence none of the kids did. Thursday night was just jaw-dropping in the strength, frequency, and … well, every characteristic of his tantrums. It took forever to get him to go to sleep.

This morning I will admit that I stooped to bribery. Wasn’t the first time, won’t be the last. I promised him that we would go to Starbucks on the way home if he napped.

I have no idea if it’s that the one little guy in particular who was at the root of this problem had reached the break-point of sleeplessness, if he was gone, or if it was the bribe. But Cameron apparently napped. Or at least  I think he did – there are communication difficulties with his daycare’s assistant.

We went to Starbucks as promised. He even got to pick which one.

Things were a bit better. Maybe down to Wednesday’s levels. I used every toddler-control trick I know of when we stopped at Capers. I deserved flowers, and recruited my little helper in selecting them with close supervision. Cameron picked gerber daisies, in a variety of pinks, after I nixed the enormous arrangements complete with colourful cabbage (who pays fifty bucks for cabbage I ask you?). Bathtime wasn’t as much of a trial. By story time he was fading – big yawns.

After three stories I turned out the light and we just sat and snuggled in the comfy chair. We didn’t even read Little Bear. He fell asleep listening to my heart. I cuddled him long after his breathing had settled, long after his falling-asleep twitches, long after his arms went limp and his mouth opened.  I just held him in the peaceful darkness, kissed his head,  and whispered “I love you,” now and then.


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