Okay, after a night like last night, and spreading the word that I’m trying to find a new home for Nimoo (anyone in Vancouver know of a good home for a loving but very unhappy kitty?) I need to return to basics. Happinesses.

Standing on top of the tower at Reifel Bird Sanctuary, cold crisp autumn wind, redwing blackbird calls coming up from below.

Cameron’s excited all-out laughter as the ducks swarmed him for the food he was handing out. They had to beware of dancing feet!

Sunshine and blue sky. Orange, yellow, and red leaves. The last of the blackberries.

Home grown and home made organic applesauce. The trees in the back yard haven’t been sprayed in probably a decade, and I was expecting the yellow-and-pink apples to be wormy. They weren’t. A little bitter, yes, but that disappeared with cooking. Still lots of apples left on the tree – might pick more!

Cameron’s first trip to a pumpkin “patch”. Not one of the over-done commercial ones; just a farm out in Ladner that grows pumpkins, holds a ‘farmers market’ type of thing to sell their vegetables, jams, eggs, and honey, and has a few touristy type things that we avoided. Cameron was thrilled mostly by the farm equipment, and loved roaming around the tractors and various stuff they had out (under my close supervision).

Yummy pumpkin-flower honey and cassis jelly.

Cameron declaring supper tonight, “Yummy!”

Cameron singing, “Chickadee-dee-dee” along with the birds.

Counting stars with Cameron in the back yard. Yep, we live in the city, where a two-and-three-quarters year old can count the stars we can see. Telling him about Granna and Grandpa Bill’s home, where there will be more stars than even Mommy can count.

In the car on the way home, Samuel was telling us what his favourite goodie at Solly’s is, but he couldn’t remember what it was called. He trailed off on, “Chocolate…..” and Cameron jumped in with obviously his favourite chocolate item, “Ice cream!” He doesn’t volunteer much in the car with Samuel, as the older boy is much more vocal and insistent. So this was rare!

Watching Cameron show Samuel how to pick up ladybugs. Also, watching Cameron’s expression as he let the ladybug run around on his hand instead of holding it pinch-tight! Tickly, giggly, and clearly amazing!


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