I’d promised Cameron yesterday on the way home that he could choose: Capers or Playground. Now, he just loves going into Capers. I have no idea why. So it’s a close call between those two, and when he gets the choice I never quite know which way he’ll go. Sometimes he’ll choose the playground then change his mind when he sees that tempting red button that opens the Capers doors. Personally, I’d rather the playground unless it’s raining, as Capers just somehow sucks me into buying way more than  I meant to on the grounds that it looks so yummy, and everything is quite pricey.

Yesterday he picked the playground. I hustled him past the Capers doors at the bus stop, distracting him with a neat truck that was driving past. We’d been in Capers just the other day, and I did NOT need to spend more money.

So we were doing our usual walking game, where again he gets to have a bit of control, and choose what kind of steps we take. Great-big-giant steps, little steps, running steps, jumping steps, and something he calls loobyloolooolooo steps (they seem kinda like ordinary walking to me but are probably meant to be skips to the tune of “here we go looby loo”). We did a lot of running steps, with him shouting with glee, “Hurry, hurry!” I asked him what the rush was, and was informed, “There are monsters!” Ooooh. Chasing us, do you think? Nope. At the playground.

I just about tripped. There were monsters at the playground, and he was running there? “Gonna tell them to go’way,” Cameron explained. Uh. Okay. This is new, thought I, anticipating this play getting out of hand and carrying a sobbing child home from the playground because his monsters scared him.

But no, my brave and valiant little love surprised the living daylights out of me. He dragged me (literally, as I made a show of it) into one section, telling me that there was a monster in there. He planted his little feet, and commanded in a most decisive way without even a hint of whine,


A good stomp, and that was that. I was informed that the monster had left.

We spent around twenty minutes with Cameron being Monster Banisher extraordinaire, and I learned of all the places such horrors might lurk unseen by adult eyes. There were several hiding in the basketball hoops in the basketball/hockey/tennis court. Two were under benches. One was in a tree. The one at the top of the climbing wall to the slide was stubborn and (hinted at by Mommy who wanted a tired little boy) kept coming back. I think I got him to climb that wall five times on that alone.

Word gets around, apparently. Monsters have not been spotted in our apartment since. Now, Wall-E is still another story, but mention of that fright has also diminished. Oh, I’m sure though that some monster in the near future will challenge the Monster Banisher, for isn’t that the way of all things? But in the meantime, what a discovery of self-confidence for Cameron!


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