A Bit of Rambling

Okay, now that Cameron’s asleep and I’ve de-stressed a wee bit, a couple of other thoughts.

Yay for the US! Good choice, seriously. But also kudos for another reason – the voter turnout! Holycrow! If only we had turnout like that up here.


A song Cameron made up tonight on the walk home almost made me trip. He was just sing-song rhyming, I think he started with Itsy Bitsy Spider. Well. Eventually he sang,

Mohndey, wohndey, sitting on a donkey!

This was soon followed by,

Mahnkey, wahndey, sitting on a dandy!

Which evolved into,

Mandy, wandy, sitting on a daddy!

The first and the last made him laugh and laugh, and soon he was alternating between them.

I tried very hard not to react at all. At first I thought, “Hey, he’s getting the general idea of rhyming. Coolness!” Then … gee … donkey, daddy. Yup, kid, your dad is an ass. How perceptive! (No, I did not utter even one breath of that!)

I have no clue right now what to do about Cameron and Little Bear. He loves that story. He must hear it every single night. But only on his terms … he delays and delays by interrupting me, singing through it, screaming that he doesn’t want to hear it, even hitting me. Then once I’ve turned out the light and left, he begs me to read it. I am really fed up with having a fight with him every night. I swore up and down tonight that it would be different, that I would just read through it no matter what. But ARGH up went my frustration level. It’s not a short story, and there’s only so long I can tolerate having my ear screamed in and my eyes gouged out.

I’m down to three options, I think, unless I want to continue this screaming.
1)    Little Bear gets moved back out to the living room, and it’ll be a comfy chair book. Then into bed, no reading in bed.
2)    I just accept this delay tactic and go with it for now. Put him to bed and don’t even try to read it, wait until he asks me for it.
3)    Tear Little Bear to shreds before his eyes and eat it.

Okay, maybe there are only two appropriate options. Any other suggestions are quite welcome.


One response to “A Bit of Rambling

  1. I like #3 best! LOL

    Seriously, give him a choice of two books. The one he chooses is the one he gets period. Don’t let him mess with you. Stick with the plan and it’ll work even better next time.

    But another rule, must sit nice and quiet or NO book.

    He says no to a book? Ok, no book. The end.

    Wants water at bedtime? I give Cody water in an empty gatorade bottle because they don’t spill. Leave the bottle in his room so YOU don’t have to keep running in. His incessent water requirement will diminish when you don’t come with the cup. Or, the rule is, 1 cup at bedtime, then you’re outa there. No more.

    Allow him to try some poor choices. He’ll get it soon if you follow through with it every time. He’s just got you trained cuz he knows you’ll buckle.

    Ever watch super nanny? If bedtimes are delayed, it’s because we aren’t firm with our terms. Cody tries to talk to me after he’s down and I simply don’t answer. It’s bedtime. We are done. If I kept saying Goodnight! he’s still getting what he wants and would continue on. He wants dialect and I don’t give it so he quits too. No stinkin’ fun if you don’t play along with them!

    Super Donna (LOL)

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