There’s Gonna Be a Flood

And we have a new procrastination trick.

Water, mommy! I want some water!

This is after I cut off the milk. Four Cameron-sized cups of it was quite enough. He’s had, I swear, a litre of water in the last hour.

And he’s in bed SCREAMING for more.

Okay, he might have, or probably has, caught my cold bug. His voice is all growly, and I remember that my throat hurt a bit the first few days. But litres of water? I’ve given him advil … what else can I do? He’s keeping himself awake by guzzling water.

Two more tablespoons.

What’s the LD50 for water again?


2 responses to “There’s Gonna Be a Flood

  1. I think I’m gonna get him up when I go to bed and put him on the toilet. We’ll see how that goes! Might help ward off the wet sheets? And he’s been pretty good lately about waking up and calling me to go pee. Only one set of wet pullups in a week, I think.

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