A Better Evening!

Tonight wasn’t quite as bad as the last couple of nights, despite Cameron clearly suffering from his share of the cold/flu/whatever virus, and despite him not napping even one nanosecond at daycare.

I do have to grouse a bit. I’d told his daycare provider that I would be staying home sick today. Now, a certain other little boy at daycare has been disruptive and not napping for the last few weeks and to the best of my knowledge never picked up early once. So why on earth, on ONE day of Cameron being the one not napping, did his DCP call me twice? Okay, he had said he couldn’t sleep because his tummy was sore, but she clearly wanted me to volunteer to come and get him. I asked her to give him some Advil or Tylenol and watch him. Basically, deal with it lady, your stated rules were they can come when sick so long as they aren’t puking. I explained when I picked him up at the normal time that I understood that she wanted me to pick him up early, but that I was home sick and really couldn’t for anything short of an emergency. Yeesh! From now on when I won’t be at work I’ll ask her to email me if there are any problems, and I won’t tell her that I’m home!

Okay, that out of the way, tonight went much better. I had a throat lozenge lollipop for Cameron to suck on during the bus ride home. I’d made cheesy broccoli soup already for freezing, so just had to pop a few breaded fish fillets in the oven. I used the kitchen timer – ten minutes of play, flip the fillets. Ten minutes of play, go to the kitchen, where he could play on his own while I finished getting supper on the table. I think those twenty minutes of together-play made a big difference.

I also chose to read Little Bear in the comfy chair tonight. Cameron started off a little wired and jittery (he’s got a cold, so he’s on the asthma inhaler at night, which does that), but quickly calmed down. Just a wee bit of a tussle over Little Bear; at one point he started insistently repeating “That’s the end, right,” while pointing to the back cover. Gah. Finally, I firmly said that yes, that was the end, and if he wanted to not hear the whole story I could flip there right now. But if he wanted the story, please let me read, and we’ll get there. He let me read. Not bad, compared with the last few nights!

The last lines of Little Bear usually get Cameron yawning. On cue, I turned to the second-last page, and the yawns started. He wanted to say his goodnights (goodnight city, goodnight trees, goodnight cars and trucks, goodnight neighbours) in the comfy chair, then requested Bats at the Beach. I obliged. He was snoring halfway through, but I finished anyway.

And now he’s curled up under his blanket and duvet, sound asleep. He barely stirred when I moved him into his bed. I love ending his day like that, all warm and comfy, curled up and blanketed in quiet love, hearing my heartbeat and my voice reading familiar words and rhythms.


One response to “A Better Evening!

  1. Hi-

    I’m insulted! Cameron was put to sleep by my book! . . . Wait, no, I’m thrilled! He REQUESTED it…. 😉

    I hope he’s feeling better today. It’s really hard to be a sick parent, especially when your child is sick.

    Batty wishes,

    Brian Lies (author/illustrator of BATS AT THE BEACH and BATS AT THE LIBRARY)

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