A Report on the State of the Apartment

It’s been three weeks now since Dad and Janice left. It’s not that I’m moping that they’re gone, but I’m just using that as a ‘benchmark’. The apartment was neat and tidy and spotless when they left.


Uh. Spotless isn’t the word I would use. I’ve slipped a little. Hey, I’m sick, give me a break eh? Still, here’s the report.

Livingroom: Required some pre-report work. Dishes rounded up, clothes put where they go, towel returned to the bathroom, and toys sorted. However, toys were at least ‘away’, as were books. Nothing growing mould. Needs a vacuum.

Cameron’s bedroom: tidy! Bed got made every morning. Clothes … at least where they go, though not with a great deal of attention to folding. Good enough.

Hall: Tidy, swept. Shoes where they go.  Jackets hung up.

Bathroom and WC: Toys are plotting a takeover. I don’t look under the tub. But the sink, tub, and toilet are clean.

Other stuff: Plants haven’t dehydrated to a crisp yet, the fishtank still has water, and the kitty litter is somewhere between fresh and disgusting. Garbage and recycling got out on Tuesday morning. Laundry could be done, but I did do a load on the weekend so it’s not too bad.

Not bad, eh? What’s that you say? Mel, you forgot two rooms? Uh … yeah.

My bedroom: My bed got made every morning, that’s a start, right? The floor is … uh … still visible. Ignore the tea mug on the dresser. And the juice glass beside the bed. Have to put something down? There may be room on the dresser, if you’re good at balancing things. There’s a naked duvet on my bed as I haven’t yet put the cover on after the last kitty-soaking.

The kitchen: Okay there are dishes in the sink. But it’s not full by any stretch. The floor could use a mop after Cameron shook the juice bottle. Toys are at least confined to one corner. The fridge, however, has a few odds and ends that are perhaps beyond being added to soup. Maybe more than a few. And there’s stuff in places it doesn’t really belong.

So before Betty arrives this weekend I’ve got a bit of work to do. I mean, I know she isn’t going to do a white-glove test or anything, but there are a few things I want to take care of.

But not now. Now it’s time for a cup of hot lemon and honey, and a nap.


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