His Latest Try

Aaand we have a new sleep delay tactic.

“Mommy, mommy, I want my mommy!” Repeated ad nauseum. He’s been at it for five  minutes with ZERO response from me. Dammit, I want to be watching Grey’s.

This comes from another favourite book, Bunny my Honey. A wee little bunny gets lost in the woods, and that’s what he calls. Sadly, I think I did too good a job of reading this one! The first few times we read it the very idea of getting lost was just too much for Cameron to handle, and the book got shelved for a while. Lately though he’s wanted it.

Now, playing lost bunny is a way to call me back whenever I’m anywhere but right there with him. Like when he’s in his bed.

(check out the comments on my last post … never had the author of one of Cameron’s books turn up here before! Yay! Hi and welcome, Brian, if you come back!)

Update …

He gave it up. Really. Then I coughed.

I’m torn between shrieking GO TO SLEEP and giggling. He’s one determined kid. I’m going to be listening to this at two am, aren’t I?


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