I am more than a little disturbed having followed a link via WordPress’s dashboard. This, for those who aren’t familiar with the term, is where blog authors can manage their posts and comments, and see where people are coming in from.

If I see a referring website that I’m not familiar with I will often click to see who it is, and what they’re saying. Often it’s WordPress’s automatically generated ‘related posts’, at the bottom of a page. I know I have at least one regular reader who came here via that route originally.

Did I ever get a surprise today. We’re talking graphic child pornographic writing disgusting surprise.

So someone got their … uh … kicks … reading about /that/, then popped on over to my site to read about my efforts to get Cameron into the tub for his bath.

I know. I know. The internet is a free, largely unregulated, open place. I cannot control who looks at my writing unless I password protect (and not so much even then), but that sort of ruins the point of this blog thing. I also know that I can turn off the ability for WordPress to do this auto-link thing to my page at all.

But I really don’t think it would be that much trouble for WordPress to write some basic controls into this auto-generated link thing. Like making sure that something tagged with “extreme age play,” “forced,” and “oral sex” doesn’t link to a blog clearly about parenting.

Maybe I’m being unreasonable.

I mean, what if a parent out there happens to write about oral sex. Should their site be permanently banned from linking to mine? Should it only link to those of mine that bring up that particular activity? I know I’ve got a few posts where I swear and am generally nasty. Should my posts never link to a blog that talks about parenting?

Okay, wait. We’re talking a post that from the tiny bit of it that I read graphically describes a child having sex. I am NOT over reacting. Isn’t that illegal? Forget requesting no links … that site should be DOWN. Off. Deleted. Gone.

Editing on Tuesday – hooray! I just recieved a nice note from Anthony here at WordPress. That blog will no longer appear publicly on WordPress, he says, and they’re investigating the blog for pornography issues. I also found out from Hannah and Betty that as long as it’s fictional writing it’s considered free speech, not illegal. Ick.


3 responses to “Disgusted

  1. Oh my goodness! I shudder thinking about that! I sometimes worry about that kind of thing. As a parent, I think you can’t help it, but to actually KNOW some perv was looking. Ugh.

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