Happinesses Upon Happinesses

I had something planned out in my head to write, at one point today. Now it’s 11pm and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. So I might write it tomorrow. Instead, tonight is a happiness post.

Cameron playing with his foam blocks. They’re dense foam in bright colours, many shapes, and the foam gives them a stickiness that aids little hands. He built, on his own, a tower taller than he stands! Then he squealed and danced and bounced with pure glee, excited and proud.

Cameron’s reaction to his “bed bug.” No, not the nasty biting kind, but the cute microwaveable bedwarmer kind. It’s soft and gently scented with cinnamon and vanilla, and has sat at the bottom of his bed for I don’t know how long. Last night I noticed that his bedroom was awfully chilly, and so when I went out to find his blanket I warmed it up. Now, he was one upset little guy. He was plainly not feeling great, and was a little wired, and he wanted me to stay and snuggle with him – not a go to sleep snuggle, but a delay sleep tactic. So he was whining and crying when I brought him both the blanket and the bedbug. Initially he refused the warmed up stuffie, but the moment his hands touched it he said, “OH! It’s waaaarm!” I explained that it was his bedbug, and it would keep him warm, he just had to snuggle it. No explanation was necessary, he hugged that thing as tightly as Bunny ever gets hugged! “Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” was the last thing I heard from him until our routine early-morning pee wakeup.

Early morning pee wake ups. Been ages since he truly wet himself at night. Still, I’m keeping him in pull-ups for now!

I’m almost over this flu/cold/whatever. Still wheezing a bit, but not coughing all night. Cameron had a rough time this weekend, but he’s not seeming as bad on the cough side of things as I was. Yay!

New light in my living room. It was inexpensive, from Ikea, and was meant to go beside my bed. The lamp Dad and Janice bought me when I was living in residence at university (around fifteen or more years ago) finally bit the dust. But this one just looks so nice in my living room!

Nimoo hasn’t peed anywhere (that I know of) but in her litter box since Saturday! I’m scooping every day for the first time ever. She has cat grass (ignored so far) and we’re back to her old litter too. Betty gave her tonnes of kitty love on the weekend. She got doused with the shower after peeing in my bed twice, and sprayed in the face until she might as well have been in the shower after she peed in the comfy chair. Maybe I’ve gotten through to her?

My kitchen is mostly clean. I did a huge load of dishes. Cameron asked me –yep, you read that right, he asked me – to vacuum. He was pretending my old desk lamp was a vacuum and he wanted to vacuum together. Go figure, it worked! And now the livingroom floor is clean.

An evening OUT with a great friend. I’d started the wheels in motion for this when my downstairs neighbour offered an evening of sitting – asked Joanne if she was interested in getting together. Getting out, planning things to do ahead of time, is pretty much beyond me most days. Even today when it was all worked out, I was kind of considering backing out. But I knew I would have fun, and it seems Joanne and I just don’t get together very often any more. I’d suggested, for the sake of the evening being easy, going to a local place, but Joanne had a better idea! We made it a special night. We went to the Boathouse, right on English Bay. I love living here. Gorgeous city, great view, and fabulous seafood. It felt good. It felt happy.

I do have to say that I am happy for Joanne. Her husband Paul is such a great match for her. They are both kind, warm, considerate, incredible people. Once upon a time I didn’t think he was so great, but I was very wrong. And I’m ever so glad, because she is so very happy in a way that makes her positively shine from inside, and makes me happy right along with her.

I came home and was surprised – my downstairs neighbour was sitting on my couch, and her boyfriend (a wonderful man who has a special bond with Cameron) was nowhere to be seen. He had snuggled with Cameron … until they both were asleep! So I know my little guy wasn’t too upset and had a good evening.


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