Time to Do Something

I’m having some big troubles with my physical self-image lately. To put it mildly. I still hate my hair. With a passion. To the point of avoiding looking at myself in the mirror. I know, there’s really very little that I can do about that. I may still get it straightened – that will help a great deal I expect – but mostly time is the only cure there. That’s only a part of it though. I’m going the wrong way in weight. Not overly, but it’s creeping. It’s distressing! I’d slacked off about going to the gym, then I got sick and there was no way. But Monday’s shopping trip nauseated me. No way was I buying new pants.

So I’m pushing myself.

I randomly came across the one hundred pushup challenge around a week ago and let the idea mull about in my mind. I started week one last night. At the same time I am adapting it to situps. Time to get myself into gear.

I know I know. Cardio. I hate running. Despise treadmills. Am bored to tears by all the machines. But I have earphones in my gym bag now, and almost all the machines at the gym have TVs. Tomorrow. Add to that the two hospital floors (double-height, so four stories roughly, I counted steps) up to the research centre, taken usually four times a day minimum.

I don’t have a whole lot to loose. Maybe ten or fifteen pounds, tops. But it’s also not just about the poundage – there’s also the horrible cardio shape I’ve let myself get into, loss of flexibility, loss of strength. Mostly my self image. So here’s part of my motivation. You all now know that I’m doing the 100 situps and pushups challenge. And that I’m planning on going to the gym tomorrow. Guess I have to do it now!


One response to “Time to Do Something

  1. Boy, I should try out that challenge, but I think I’m too lazy. lol. I have about 10lbs left of baby weight from Aron, and that nice jelly belly-my-abs-have-been-stretched-out-beyond-repair from two such close pregnancies as well. Good luck! If you keep up with it, I might use you as my motivator!

    BTW, I gave you an award over on my blog, swing by when you get the chance.

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