Going to Be a Long Night

Oh grand.

Cameron never wakes up before 1am.

It’s 11:30 and he’s been fussing for around a half an hour, then called that he had to go pee. Dragon watered, as my neighbour puts it, and back to bed. He asked me to stay, and I told him I would, for a minute. But he tossed and turned and ‘found’ my leg with his feet – then started pulse-pulse kicking. I hate that. Drives me bonkers. I edged away, and he did it again. I sat on the floor and he stuck his feet out to ‘find’ me.No sleep was gonna happen like that.

Now I’m in the livingroom and he’s screaming that he wants me to stay in there.

Update … okay, after a long time screaming I detected that what he was saying had changed. So I hovered by his door to ask. “I want to blow my no-oh-oh-ose!” That had to be just about the most hilarious thing he’s ever screamed about. So I obliged and fetched a tissue … and he couldn’t. My little love valiantly tried, then wailed, “I caaaant!” Yep, we’re officially on to cold #2 of the sickies season otherwise known as winter. At least it’s a delayed start this year compared with last. So he’s propped up a bit, has baby Vick’s smeared under his nose and get this, he allowed me to rub some into his chest and back. He must really be feeling awful, he hates massages. He was nearly asleep when I was done, and I asked softly if there was anything else he wanted. It took him a couple of tries, but he finally got out, “I want you to find some more stuff … to … do.” And he was asleep. A kiss, an I-Love-You while I tucked him in, and it’s time for me to sleep too.


One response to “Going to Be a Long Night

  1. So adorable. Another idea: try a few sprays or drops of saline solution (Rhinaris or equivalent). Dries up the nose and lets the little tickers sleep.

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