First Forray into New Territory

Tonight, as planned, we started Project Ornaments. Cameron remembered that I’d said we could do this after his nap, and so that was the first thing he said. “Decorate now?” Okay, he thought I meant hang up lights, and was a little disappointed, but I flat-out refuse to do that until it’s actually Christmas season. One month before is plenty.

Then he remembered the glass balls, and asked about the ‘special markers’. Wait, wait, I said. Salt dough first!

I used the stupid-simple recipe of half a cup of hot water, half a cup of salt, one cup of flour, knead. Roll and cookie-cut, bake 2 hours at 250 and let cool. Cameron even helped measure out the ingredients and rolled his own little pat of dough. I discovered that it’s easiest to roll the dough on the cookie sheet directly, then cut shapes, and peel off what’s between the shapes. Cameron helped with each step!

A galaxy of stars, a bear, two angels and a reindeer went into the oven, and it was time for what he’d been waiting for.

The special markers he wanted were the purchase he had insisted upon at the art store. Glitter glue. I figured what the heck, let’s try it. Once he got the hang of squeezing the tube he went to town on his glass balls. Next we tried my original plan: draw with glue and sprinkle with sparkles. What a mess! Cameron will be sparkly for a week I’m sure. We went back to the glitter glue! Sure, it has more of a subtle effect, but it’s attractive.

Another day we’ll paint the dough shapes. Still another day we’ll return to the glass ornaments and try painting them with polka dots, but we may just do a whole lot with glitter glue.

Now I have to do attempt #2 a de-glittering my kitchen table before bed, and comb the cat with the hopes of removing sparkles from her tail.


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