More Happinesses

It was a day with ups and downs, and without a lot of sleep last night. I’m pretty wiped and wasn’t hiding it very well. Mom and Bill commented, and so did Cameron! Nothing like hearing his sweet little voice asking, “I make you happy, right Mommy?” I reassured him that yes, he does, and I’m very tired.

But before I dwell on the relatively minor notsogreat stuff of the day, it’s time to ground myself a little with some happy thoughts.

Man, that’s hard today. I’m not feeling very “on” so this is going to be quick.

Cameron’s excitement upon discovering that the coffee shop now has a big Santa painted on its window.

Listening to Cameron chatter away this morning on the way in – he was in a very good mood.

Playing hide and seek with Cameron in a store on the way home.

Lunch with a friend at work. The food wasn’t great (when, oh when will I remember that the basement at the village sucks?) but the company was good. We had a pleasant walk before going back to work. I knew inside that I needed some alone time but it was nice out, not raining and warmish, and fresh air blowing in off the straight.

Cameron’s glee when I, after a moment’s hesitation, decided to go into Starbucks on the way home. A mistake in many ways, but hey, he enjoyed it immensely.

Listening to Cameron natter away in the tub while I stole a few moments to myself. “Jack, Pack, Tack, Wack, Back, Cack …” Yes, we’ve been reading Make Way for Ducklings a lot lately. Maybe I should get him a whole bunch of rubber duckies for the tub.

… and I just spent a couple of minutes sitting beside Cameron’s bed, watching him sleep. Pure happiness.


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