Mothery Happinesses

It’s time for a very Mommy-centric happiness post. We had a day that had its very tough moments (including a time out in a corner at Science World), so this is needed.

Cuddling with Cameron reading stories. He often picks the worst times to ask for a story, and often uses them as a delay tactic. But mostly he just loves to be read to, loves to talk about the pictures, loves to look for exclamation marks.

Cameron just loves going to JJs, a local café. He’s taken to saying, “I can’t see JJ’s, still can’t see JJ’s,” as we near the corner onto the main road we live near. As we turn the corner he squeals and dances, “I see it! I see it! There it is!”

I let him lead the way at Science World completely. Totally. With the exception of a brief peek into the small movie theater – I’d really like to be able to take this kid to a move at some point. Just watch, in two years he’ll be screaming to GO, not to go back out! It’s so rare that kids his age get to decide anything at all about their days – Cameron’s days are often a whole lot of me saying, “it’s time to go to _______’s now!” So it was great to see him just adjust to being in the lead.

In Contraption Corner Cameron asked me to build a rocket ship. They’ve got stuff there that I don’t know what to call – think of it sort of like tinker toys, but plastic and big. I did the best I could. The wonder on his face as I ‘blasted off’ our rocket was worth … well, the world. His giggles when I tried to fit it over his head (just barely wouldn’t go) when he said he wanted to ride in a rocket ship were wonderful.

We had a short quiet time, watching a nature video on comfy cushions, eating crackers, raisins, and cranberries. It was nice to find a place to let the frantic noise and hyper kids fade into the background, and just snuggle.

Nimoo-Kitty has been a very good kitty for over a week now. Part of this I think is due to her having her pet carrier under the kitchen table, with cozy knitted stuff in there to snuggle down on. It’s a private place for her, and I’ve made it clear to Cameron that we leave her alone when she’s in there. She’s not allowed in his bed, so he has to give her her own space too. But the carrier is big. It means I can’t push the chairs in at all – and my kitchen is too small to have two chairs sticking out all the time. Cameron and I went to the pet supply store on the way home and found a cosy little den for her – he helped me select it given the criteria I gave him: it had to be soft inside, and it had to be deep, not just an open basket with a back. She needed a cave. Her cave is now under the table, but may find another home still, and she loves it.

Once ornament making was done for the evening and the worst of the mess tidied up, I started supper and turned on the radio. Wee fingers had been turning dials, so it wasn’t the news as I expected – it was some easy-listening light rock eighties station. I was just about to change it when I noticed that Cameron was bouncing along, gearing up to dance. So I left it. And we danced our hearts out to Corey Hart, Elton John, Duran Duran, Huey Lewis, and John Cougar Mellencamp, in our PJs. He was so happy and relaxed, all the “No” and time out moments of the day forgotten.


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