A Cardio Plan

I think I have an exercise plan worked out. The diet thing isn’t so easy, but I used to lead a very active life and so this comes naturally to me.

I despise doing just about any of the typical cardio type things at the gym. Sure, I like running – for brief short spurts in fun. I like swimming, but not doing lengths. I like cycling … or used to at least. But I’m not DOING any of those things lately. So it’s time to hit the machines. I know myself well. To get me started and keep me at least interested and motivated I need to do the class type thing at least part of the time. The gym I have a membership at has very few classes during hours I can be there. Just power yoga once a week, which isn’t very cardio-power, and spin classes twice a week. This is all lunch hour workout timing, so we’re talking 45 minutes.

Betty really emphasized the need for me to do cardio, and she is very right. So I decided it was time to brave the spin class again. I’d tried once. I got the last bike, got going on the warm up, and WHACK off came the pedal. Totally broken. Hurt a little, but mostly surprised the daylights out of me. I couldn’t see turning up fifteen minutes early to get a spot, so I stopped going.

Now they have new bikes! And the class was only half full! And ohmygod it was hard. It’ll take a bit of time to figure out exactly how to set up the bike – those are NOT comfy seats. But the controls were easier than the old bikes, and hey, the pedals stayed on. Bonus.

We did sprints with ever increasing resistance. We did standing up sprints. We increased resistance while keeping rpms steady. Then we did the reverse. Up, down, up, down, up, down. In all, 40 minutes of cardio, not bad! Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to keep my rpms where the instructor tells us they should be.

So here is my plan:

Situps and Pushups

Spin Class

(occasionally yoga)

Spin Class
Pushups and Situps

Row and/or run

Pushups and situps

Pushups and situps

Ideally I would do cardio stuff on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Or, heck, every day. But 1) then I would miss the spin class, and that really kept me moving today far better than I think I would do on my own, and 2) let’s be realistic. This will also allow me to move the row/run day around as necessary for my work schedule.

I’m gonna need a whole lot more sleep.

(editing later to add, doing last night’s situps and pushups tonight. Done. Phew. 8/10/7/7/13. On Thursday I start week 2!)


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