Cough, hack, wheeze

Ohdear. I knew he had a cold, but I think we may be in for a rough night. Cameron’s been coughing a little, and the last two mornings has woken with quite the frog in his throat. But now? He’s constantly coughing, though at least is mostly still asleep.

I’m a big believer in medicine to ease a child’s (and my own) discomfort while ill. I’m not saying I pour medicine down his throat at the first sniffle, but if whatever is wrong is interfering with sleep I’ll try to ease it. So he has had the asthma inhalers he is supposed to have when he has a cough. He’s had some robitussin, and before anyone finds this in google and jumps on me I know how to measure 2.5ml thankyouverymuch and I know that this does often help him. Tonight, though, if it’s helping him I can’t tell. So at midnight I tried to get him to take his inhalers again, with zero luck. I wound up holding the facemask onto a screaming kid. Oh well, when you’re screaming you have to inhale, right? And I tried that fabled buckwheat honey thing. He’s got baby vicks smeared over his chest and back. He is propped up as best as I can. The monster-rumbling-scary humidifier is on and aimed in his room, here’s hoping I get to him and unplug it quickly when he wakes up. For anyone curious, the sunbeam cool mist cheapie thing is horrible. I’m sooooo getting a good humidifier on the way home tomorrow.

Hmm. Well, either something in there worked, or whatever it was worked itself through. He’s quiet. Which means I’d better get some sleep while the sleeping’s good.


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