Two Stories

A few weeks ago a care package from Mom arrived, stuffed with all kinds of neat stuff for Cameron. Best of all, books! She had found one of the books I remember from my childhood: Make Way for Ducklings.

It’s a nightly request now, and has temporarily I’m sure nudged Bats at the Beach out of the repertoire. It’s such a sweet little story, and is giving me some variety. That’s just how they are at his age – it’s all about predictability and comfort at bedtime. He knows many of the lines, and if I hesitate, he’ll finish for me. On many pages he has a standard thing to say or point out, mentioned every night. What’s going to hatch in those eggs, Mommy? Look Mommy, they’re reading books. In the book shop. See, in the window? Every night. Every night we follow Mr. and Mrs. Mallard as they find a place to raise their family without foxes or turtles, watch Mrs.Mallard teach the little ducklings how to walk in a line, watch her chaperone them through the dangerous streets with the help of the Boston Police. And every night they settle down to sleep on their island.

Some nights, very rare nights, Cameron asks me to sing to him The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night. Tonight that even trumped Little Bear – he’s sick, and wanted to snuggle in my arms to go to sleep in the comfy chair. Little Bear meant going to his bed. So I held him close and sang about the fox traveling to the town, finding a farm, and snagging himself a goose and a couple of ducks.

Thankfully little Mr.Cameron hasn’t yet figured out exactly what that means for the ducks, and why Mrs.Mallard wouldn’t settle for a lake where there might be foxes around.


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