One Poor Little Boy

My little love is sick.

He didn’t sleep well last night, so I felt badly all day long about leaving him at daycare. But on the way to pick him up I passed Roselyn and her mom, who told met that Cameron seemed fine just a moment ago. Nope. I was greeted at the door with, “He’s a very, very sick boy! I was thinking about calling you!” With a full dose of tylenol in him Cameron was still roasting hot and feverish.

We stopped at the nearby walk-in clinic on the way home. After all, he’d had on-again-off-again fever for a couple of days, and now he was complaining that his legs and knees hurt, and tylenol wasn’t touching the fever. The doctor thinks it may be tonsilitis, did a swab, and will call on Monday with the results. In the meantime, rest, fluids, rest, fluids, and more rest and more fluids.

Cameron’s now had a second dose of tylenol plus advil, and still has a fever. He cried pittifully most of the way home as he clearly felt worse and worse. He steadfastly wanted to stay in the comfy chair – who can blame him – except that with the heat and sweat he was pumping out it started to smell like kitty pee. Yuck. He did NOT want to change into PJs, and did NOT want to take off his bear sweater. I got some oatmeal and some yogurt into him, very little water. Now he’s finally been coaxed into PJs and fell asleep in bed listening to me recite Little Bear.


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