I think …

that the fever has broken. We’ll see if it’s gone-gone, or just eased off for a while. I just checked on Cameron and for the first time tonight I couldn’t use the waves of heat emminating from him to assist in finding him in the darkness. He’s sweaty, but not roasting. Every now and then he calls something out – ten minutes ago there was a definite “Mommy,” followed by something and “love.”

So on to stuff about me!

While waiting and keeping an ear out, so I could persuade a sleepy little boy to sip water whenever he roused a bit, I watched Greys, I did my pushups (9/11/8/8/12), and I read. But wait, you say, just pushups? What happened to sit ups?

Uh. I have rug burns. On my tail bone. Not sure how to deal with this but OW.

I should also mention I went to the gym yesterday (20 min elliptical and 12 rowing) and today (40 min spin class). I’d also like to celebrate: one week and two days ago I only just barely managed to do ten pushups and the last one (three) was sucky form.

The weight? I’m trying my hardest to ignore that and go for fitness and strength. Because of course, first week, it didn’t budge. TMI I know, but also I’m taking into account hormonal cycles. I’m at the point where I typically weigh the most, so maybe I should celebrate that I didn’t gain in the last week.

Reading. I’m settling into an old favourite: Spring Moon by Bette Bao Lord I think. Blanking on her name right now, will come back and edit if I’m wrong! I’ve read it so many times it’s only just barely holding together. Historical fiction, following the life of a girl born into privilige in 1880s China, through her life into modern times. Sometimes I love reading my old, cherished books. They’re like comfort food, chocolate pudding for the mind. But in other ways they’re a little numbing, predictable, nothing new. Sure, I can get something new out of complex and detailed stories each time I read them but there’s still the safe familliarity of them.

So it’s time for another goal. I need to ease out of my literary security blanket and read new books. I’ve got three sitting by my bed and another two underneath it that I haven’t been able to really get into. Does Twilight count? I suppose … it’s even a new genre for me. So there’s one new book, maybe that can count for this month. I’ll read Spring Moon, then it’s time to start going through that bedside pile.

Okay, enough rambling. Cameron is quiet, so it’s time to grab some sleep.


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