Antibiotics Vent

On Thursday the doctor we saw said that Cameron likely has tonsillitis, and he did a quick throat swab. There was a good chance this was caused by bacteria, but we wouldn’t know until Monday at the earliest. Until then, rest and plenty of liquids.

We’ve had four days straight now of nearly-constant 103+ fever. Today it was slightly less, still fevered but not broiling.

Academically, I agree with the doctor. No antibiotics until you know what you’re dealing with. I understand and am on board with this way of thinking. Besides, in many typical childhood illnesses, even those caused by bacteria – bronchitis, ear infections, sinus infections – they are finding that the administration of antibiotics has little to no real effect on healing time.

I have watched my little love suffer this weekend. He’s been panting for breath, barely eating, tossing all night, distressed by chills when he wakes up feeling cold and shaking from head to toe despite roasting with fever.

I haven’t had a break all weekend long. Not even night time, as every hour or so I get called. Where’s my water, where’s my blanket, I have to go pee, or just generally being sick and afraid. I am run down and exhausted and just about ready to bawl … and my head is throbbing, my throat is sore, and I’m coughing.

I know that there is a chance that his illness is caused by a virus, not bacteria. I know that even if it is bacteria there is a chance that treating it with antibiotics would have done little to change this weekend. I might have gotten sick no matter what. But that means that there was a chance that antibiotics might have made this weekend a little less hellish on us both.


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