Mama Credibility

Last night my sweet love was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open at bath time. Yet he perked up at bedtime enough to drive me bonkers with pee trips though he never actually peed. He’s got my number – he knows that’s the one request I won’t ignore. Water? He has a sippy cup. I make sure he’s got his blanket, bed-bug bedwarmer (not when he’s feverish), and Bunny. Plain old “no” to requests for milk and food. But pee? That I’ll respond to, though after two times it’s silent.

Tonight I figured I would start things off right. He called me, predictably saying he had to go pee. I warned him, “You get ONE pee trip tonight Cameron, that is it. Do you really have to go pee?” He said he did. I got him to the toilet and advised him that he should really try to go pee, as this is his one chance tonight. Sure enough, he peed. Yay! I reminded him on his way back to bed that this was his one pee trip, is he sure he peed? Yes? Got all the pee out? Yes? Oh, good! Goodnight, and a final reminder, no more pee trips.

He argued. “No. One more pee trip!” I said no. “No! I get three more!” I said goodnight. “I have to peeeeee!” I said no, tucked him in with a kiss, and left his room.

Three minutes … let’s see how long this lasts. Will I have to stand by my word and say no to further pee trips?

Edit – 20min later. I coughed. Cameron wasn’t yet fully asleep yet. He’s whimpering a little, sleepily … and I’m just waiting for what I know is coming…

Edit – 30min later. The whines and whimpers subsided and were replaced with gentle snores. Most importantly, this happened with NO mommy-intervention and NO trips to the w.c. Yay! He believed me!
(OH! And Cameron was well enough for daycare today. Sort of. Poor little guy, he apparently had nonstop nosebleeds all morning and cried pitifully for Mommy. We went to the doctor’s on the way home. No to strep, no to tonsillitis, very low fever, and no reason to keep him home if things stay that way. He’s on the mend! Plus I have to brag a little. Cameron took wonderful deep breaths on cue for the doctor, and said ‘aaah’ just right too. She seemed surprised, so I guess most kids his age can’t/won’t do this?)


One response to “Mama Credibility

  1. Gabby does that too! She will call Alec or I back into her room a bajillion times for everything under the sun so that she can get up and we always say no….except for the potty. *sigh*

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