Scrooge? Me?

This has got to be the earliest I’ve ever decorated for Christmas. It’s one full month away still! Cameron has been bugging me for weeks already about decorating, about Christmas is coming, or about how he wants to go to Christmas. Darnit, Daycare, Christmas isn’t two months long! To me, the early start cheapens the holiday. In the US there is Thanksgiving to put the brakes on the Christmas startup, but here? The trees are up in stores alongside the last-minute Hallowe’en candy sales.

And yet there now sits a tree in the living room, all ready to be decorated, one month before Christmas Eve.

I’m not a huge fan of fake trees, unless they’re the really expensive kind that I cannot afford to buy let alone decorate. I love the look, feel, and scent of a real one – a noble fir or other short-needled tree preferably. But sadly, I’m not permitted cut trees in my apartment; too great a fire hazard.

This leaves me one option, really, as an ugly cheap-o fake one is not an option. A potted tree. It just so happens that the local Safeway stores carry rosemary bushes trimmed to the traditional Christmas tree shape!

I envisioned getting one that stood a couple of feet high. Then I saw the price tag on’em. Luckily Cameron had no such expectations of size. He wrapped his arms around the pot of one of the smaller ones, less than a foot in plant-height (in a pot nearly a foot tall). I think he liked that he could carry it. No other tree would do, not even another of the same size that didn’t lean backwards. So that one came home with us.

Tonight my plan is to dig out the Christmas decorations I’ve tucked away into various places over the years, and find the Ikea ‘curtain’ of stars that I picked up a couple of weeks ago. On the way home tomorrow we’ll pick up tree lights and some wire hooks, and a star to top the tree.

Perhaps some of the itty-bitty stars we’re making out of salt dough will find their way onto our tree.

In writing this, I am starting to get excited when looking at that fragrant little scrap of a tree. It has possibilities. While I do NOT want to celebrate Christmas for two solid months, one I can handle. Heck, I may even find an advent calendar for Cameron. Maybe even … gasp … one for me too!


2 responses to “Scrooge? Me?

  1. I’d love to see photos of your home-made ornaments! How did they turn out?
    We put our tree up two days ago, so don’t feel bad. We did it early because we’re going out of town for the holidays on the 16th and i wanted enough time to enjoy our decorations. That’s my excuse anyhow…

  2. So sweet! Sounds like mom is getting into the spirit thanks to the lil’ dude!

    I wish I could decorate! Not gonna happen with all the drywall dust flying at a daily rate. Have fun!


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