I’m going to focus on thinking happinesses tonight.

The star lights from Ikea are beautiful. They’re up a couple of weeks earlier than I like, we are the first on the block to have lights up, and they’re not the style I thought I bought. But I arranged the single long strand to drape three times across the big livingroom window. Cameron’s eyes were wide when I turned them on, and it took him a moment to breathe.

As I was hanging the lights, Cameron was nattering away, one of the few times tonight he wasn’t whining or screaming … oops, that wasn’t a happythought. Right. Nattering. It just took me a moment to identify what he was saying. My son has the first four pages of Make Way for Ducklings memorized. Oh, he’ll gloss over a word or two there, stumble a little, but for the most part it’s word-for-word with hilarious intonation as he tries to imitate me.

Cold or no cold, Cameron’s hair needed to be washed. So I decided to dry his hair with my hair drier, the first time I’m pretty sure. I thought it would be a screamfest, but he loved it!

The only reason Cameron called me back into his room tonight was to give me kisses.


One response to “happythoughtshappythoughtshappy

  1. So sweet 😉

    I need some Holiday spirit around here. Time to tuck away the Autumn decorations and haul out some Christmas swag. Thanks for the inspiration!

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