I Just Clued In

Last night while I was talking on the phone with Mom Cameron desperately was trying to get my full attention. He smacked me on the shoulders and called me a “Fucking head,” I think it was. Fucking was definitely part of whatever it was. I frowned and told him that was not nice language and to stop. He did it again. Instant time out. Two minutes later, roughly, I went and we did the time-out-release routine. He didn’t even need me to tell him what to say. “We don’t call people names,” he said, followed by a “Sorry, Mommy!”

A few minutes later he repeated the shoulder-smack but more gently. “You’re Noah,” he informed me. I had no clue what he meant, so kept chatting with Mom. Repeat. Repeat.Repeat. I know this game, he just wants acknowledgement. “Yes my love,” I answered. “You’re Chloe,” was then followed by, “You’re Lori!”

Now I get it.

He was calling me names.


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