Post-Supper-Meltdown Happinesses

And now, so that my perspective on the entire day isn’t ruined by the evening, it’s time for happinesses.

Cameron slept in today, and woke in a fairly good mood.

We ran into old friends at JJs today, in fact it’s been so long that while Owen, who is Cameron’s age, was vaguely familiar to me his dad Edward was not. We had a nice catchup chat over coffee, and Cameron had fun playing with Owen’s trains.

We spent some of the morning at Science World. Cameron was a little ‘off’, possibly still not feeling great, and maybe we’ve just gone there a little bit often lately. He didn’t seem to want to play, and when he did, sharing was an issue. But this time he discovered the ‘deep hole’, a mirrored pit with lights in it, which when viewed from above looks like an endless pit. He refused, for the first time, to walk across the glass top. So we talked about it. I asked what he thought was at the bottom, and he said “Lions.” But it was okay, they couldn’t climb up because the lights were in the way. So I told him that in fact it’s just a shallow hole, with mirrors. He clearly did not believe me – so we went to the exhibit that is two big mirrors on a hinge. I showed him how when you move it, you can see more and more and more Camerons. Back to the hole. “Heeeeyyyy! It’s a mirror,  Mommy!”

We walked up to 8th to meet Chris and her friends at a restaurant there for ‘brunch’. On the way I explained to Cameron that Auntie Chris would give him lots of hugs, but she hurt her back and so can’t pick him up. He thought about this for a little while while we walked. A rock on the sidewalk caught his eye, and he picked it up. Then another one – but I tried to get him to leave it. He’ll fill all his pockets if I let him, then try to fill mine too. “For Auntie Chris,” he yelled! Okay, I let him. He proudly carried that wee rock (until he decided it should go in my pocket), explaining to me that one rock was for Auntie Chris, and one he and I could share. “We won’t share Auntie Chris’s rock, ooonly this one. This one we share. This one is for Auntie Chris only.”

Brunch was fun! I got to meet Chris’s friend Carly and her daughter Lolo, who is a few months younger than Cameron. The kids hit it off immediately, and the chatter amongst the adults was easy and relaxed. Good times!

Great to see Chris again. I don’t think I’ve seen her in over a month.

Carly and Lolo came home with us to visit for the afternoon! Again, great and easy conversation. We hopped from topic to topic, and it felt a little more like catching up with an old friend than making a new one. The kids were hilarious. Cameron, instead of having troubles sharing his favourite toys as I’d feared, immediately brought them out to share! He loved showing Lolo all his stuff.

Housework. My place was a little on the embarrassing side today … so before supper I tackled dishes and the floor. Now I’ve got laundry going. Phew, I’ll have clothes tomorrow, most importantly clean undies. And Cameron will too.
Mid-supper-meltdown, or rather midway through the fallout from it, I insisted that I needed a time out. Cameron sounded like he understood, but kept coming back into the room. Then when I was about to snap at him, he brought me his fire truck. And then a lump of playdough.

After his bath, I was getting Cameron into his PJs. He wrapped his arms round my neck and put his forehead against mine. “I love you mommy,” he said, very seriously. Then a kiss on my cheek, and he said, “I make you happy.” I couldn’t help it, I wrapped him in a big hug and kissed him back. “I love you too, and thank you. You make me very happy!”

Cameron fell asleep slowly while I recited Little Bear, flipping the pages as I said the words, watching him. His eyes fluttering, opening, fluttering, relaxing. His hands twitching, then relaxing. His breathing settling down to a quiet almost-snore. I kissed him, and watched him for a while before turning off the light.


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