Nature Abhors a Vacuum

I have never been a purse carrying kinda gal. I’ve owned a couple, but rarely have I actually consistently used one. I’m just not very girly. It always seemed like such a hassle! My wallet and keys fit in my jacket pocket just fine, or in whatever bag I happened to carry.

Recently though I bought a purse at Plenty. It’s nice, it’s green, it has ginkgo leaves on it. Ginkgo is pretty much the coolest tree ever to me, for some reason. I needed something nice to carry things in, I was in the habit of just grabbing a grocery bag. I was starting to look like I had zero sense of style. So now I carry a purse.

I never understood the whole dump-out-your-purse thing. Finding treasures you didn’t know were there. I mean, who needs to carry anything but a wallet and keys anyway?

The current contents of my purse:

Wallet and keys, of course.

Second set of work keys, should be hanging in my office.

Pack of gum.

My hat, useful sometimes in convincing Cameron to keep his on.

Cameron’s mittens.

Several receipts.

Three pens.

Small change worth $0.73.

Hand sanitizer.

No less than four straws from Joe’s. Cameron insists on taking them, and they wind up in my purse.

Three rocks.

Two leaflets of the bus company’s ‘magazine’.

A random card advertising something, Cameron found it.

A bubble wand.

A toy whistle.

A little orange plastic ball.

Two plastic insides from kinder eggs, supposedly there to open when we got home.

A small package of cracker crumbs.
Five twist ties.

Two squished, scrunched, and dried buttercups and one dandelion.

Two stickers from the firehall and one from Joe’s.


One response to “Nature Abhors a Vacuum

  1. Yup.. purses are nothing but mobile junk drawers with straps. I don’t cart one either. Unless you call my 10 yr old leather black wallet on straps a purse…

    Fashion queen I am so not. My best pair (I mean ONLY pair) of jeans just snagged on a nail as I kept walking. Now they’re airy like.


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