I Need an Opinion!

Okay yes, I can be a little wishy washy, but that’s not what I mean. I actually need lots of opinions.  YOUR opinions.

I am applying to be a writer for a magazine. They want writing samples. This isn’t just a random request for kudos here, it’s for a reason! I’m asking you to tell me what you think I should send. What’s my ‘best’ writing here? Is there anything that stands out in your memory?

Please? Help me decide?


One response to “I Need an Opinion!

  1. Without even checking, first to look at would be the postings with the most responses. Not necessarily a reflection of good writing, but magazines want to draw readers, and responses are one way to assess that.
    Great idea by the way. Some of your postings have the flow/tone of a columnist in the Globe & Mail whom I admire greatly and always read – Christie Blatchford. (web; under Opinion, General Topic)

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