After the Screaming Hour

Okay, it’s time for me to whine.

Last night my downstairs neighbours pounded out the music until 2am, shouting and hollering. I didn’t say anything because really, they’re good neighbours and don’t do it very often. Everyone should be able to have a party now and then, and while they didn’t this time, they usually give me a good heads-up and make sure it’s not inconvenient. I wouldn’t have told them it was last night if they had, either. And Cameron slept through it. But I couldn’t.

So, it was long after 2 am that I fell asleep.

3am Cameron woke with a nighmare. 3:20 cried for me. 3:30 cried for me. 4am cried for me.

5am pee trip.

5:30 awake, wanted to get up.

6am awake, into my bed. Kicked and rolled and asked to get up three zillion times.

I gave up at 7.

The morning was mostly spent with whining and crying and fussing until we left for Tot Gym. A couple of hours of fun.

Nap time is what has me close to bawling. I so need to sleep. No sleep for me. In the end, after an hour of trying, Cameron spent an hour screaming in his own room so that I could at least lie down. I’m surprised he has a voice left.

I had semi-plans to go out tonight. I can’t find a sitter. I am catching another cold – gee, wonder why.

I love Cameron.

I need a break.


5 responses to “After the Screaming Hour

  1. Aw sweetie – what a rough day. Just survive it and know it will get better. Seriously… you guys should come for a little Seattle vacation sometime. We’ll make Richard babysit and the two of us can go out for a break 🙂

  2. Thanks both of you!

    I’m de-stressing watching Harry Potter and the ORder of the Phoenix for the first time. No sitter. Sucks. Plan to be in bed as soon as it’s over.

    Soooo … sometime in January or February, Judy? 🙂

  3. HUGS. We’ll chat and figure something out… Call me when you can, ‘kay? At work is fine if there’s time for you.

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