Dozing Off Already

I managed to get Cameron into bed at just after eight tonight. He had missed his nap entirely today, we didn’t even try, so he was one tired little boy. And I’m one tired Mommy, dozing off right here on the couch with my computer on my lap. So, easy post today. Happinesses.

Last night before I went to bed  I rummaged through the storage ‘room’ to find the Christmas ornaments I’d stashed away for years. I picked through them, as there were way too many for this little rosemary bush, and set them out. Early this morning before we got out of our PJs it was time to do some tree decorating! Cameron caught on very quickly, at least to the idea of hanging ornaments on the hooks. The hooks got hung on one light. No, not a bunch of lights, but six ornaments hanging from one little light! I moved three of them. We also added three yellow little stars from our handmade collection, and topped the tree with a larger one.

We went out for dim sum for a new friend’s birthday. That’s right, Cameron too! That clever little guy got the hang of chopsticks pretty quickly – not elegant, but hey, he got food to his mouth fairly reliably with the things. He tried a little of everything too – and just about everything looked nothing like anything he’d ever eaten before.

Sunshine. I love sunshine. I love it in the summer, streaming in through the kitchen window in the morning. But perhaps even more I like winter sun, the unexpected light warming the bathroom.

Snuggling on the comfy chair with Cameron, watching a bit of Shrek the Third.

Cameron’s excited dance when I pulled out the bag of halloween treats at four pm. “Smarties! Smarties,” he demanded! And smarties he got.

Hearing that my mom’s foot surgery and recovery aren’t nearly as bad as anticipated. She’s mobile!

Bed. Maybe a bubble bath first, but it’s looking like bed before 10. Wow that would feel great.


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