New Look

Hrm. I got all excited and added snow to go with the new/old picture. But the snow literally froze my computer, and does so on any blogs that use it! Darnit. Oh well!

The new pic was taken of Cameron last year after Christmas, at the cottage. Hasn’t yet snowed here, but I’ll update with a new one once it does. Or once we’re in Ottawa.


One response to “New Look

  1. Oh, how cute is that pic! You my friend, are artsy! I’m inspired!

    And, sorry to hear things have been challenging lately for you. Just know, it’s the age phase thing. I so empathize and have been there.

    When Cody was going through all that, generally it meant simple tweaks. More sleep, more food or something in that realm. I removed naps abit on the early side so I’d get those 12 hr straight sleep stretches. More sleep for mom was key to keeping up with it all! I hope you find that magical balance and soon!


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