A Blessing in Disguise

So, in light of the anger and frustration of last night, perhaps I need to do another happiness post.

First, I do fully recognize that I let emotions take control last night. I am hurt, by the other parents if what the daycare provider told me is true, and by the daycare provider whether or not it’s true. I know that her opinion, her feelings, colour what she’s told me. I don’t think she’s being fair or open with me – but I also know that this is who she is. I’ve seen her reactions to other parents and how she deals with them. So I know that this is her. But I also now know that I’m one of “those” parents, and she’ll be complaining about how awful I am to the other parents. I used to be one of the ‘other’ parents. I’m also recognizing that she has to have one of “those” parents. The last one left for Israel recently … and I’m up next. The good news is 1) perhaps my absence over Christmas and her absence through January might be a reset button and 2) Cameron’s on a wait list for a local place that I like.

I kept Cameron home today. I couldn’t handle the thought of him being isolated. Now, after I sent her the email telling her I would keep him home, Joanne pointed out that her daughter was going to be there, and she wouldn’t insist on isolation.

Keeping him home was something I dreaded. A four day weekend? If you’ve been reading here, you know that weekends can be pretty stressful here. I figured that with a sore back and an energetic little one I was in trouble. Instead, we had a wonderful day.

We started off with a minor sleep-in. Cameron got out of bed on his own when he woke up, as I was coming into his room, but happily hopped back in bed for a snuggle. We cuddled, and told each other, “I love you .” There were lots of giggles.

Cameron wasn’t interested in eating first thing, so we did dishes together. I washed, he stacked. And he occasionally told me to stop, stop, stop or time out! So I turned around and sat, obediently, on the stool he’d been standing on. It can be fun and helpful to do role-reversal sometimes. The second time though I glanced out the window … to see huge, fluffy, white snowflakes drifting down instead of a heavy drizzle. Gleefully we ran to all the windows to look outside, then we called my mom on Skype to share the news.

Breakfast was frozen eggo-type waffles, whole wheat and organic. I’d had them in the freezer a while for a treat, and it was Cameron’s introduction to the world of toaster breakfasts. He gobbled down two, smothered in maple syrup, and would’ve eaten more if I’d let him.

Off to Play Gym, walking in the snow. Cameron more wanted to hang out with me than play, but he did spend some time bouncing in the bouncy castle thing they had. I had a chance to talk with the daycare group who bring their kids in. We’d spoken a lot back when I was unemployed, but at first I couldn’t afford to have Cameron in daycare, then I figured he had a good place, why move him? Well, one has indicated Cameron might just have a spot soon. Maybe. No timeline, just that she’s said she’ll contact me when she has a spot, which means the waitlist isn’t horrendous.
Then, after a stop for lunch at JJs, off to my lab. Cameron was in heaven. He’s a big fan of one guy I work with, whom he met on the bus a while back. Dirk got a whole bunch of stickers. For Cameron to share stickers … wow. Thanks to help and toys I managed to get the necessities done.

We stopped at Granville on the way home. I wanted a sweater from Roots that I knew would be on sale, and we went into Chapters to play with the trains. Then Cameron asked for me to read something to him. I picked The Polar Express – what could be better? Trains AND Santa! He loved it.

Home, a bit of food, bath, story, and an easy bedtime. Ta-dah!

So in all, the fuss yesterday was a blessing in disguise. We had a wonderful day.

Oh – and I found out that I won the Mama Renew writing contest! Wheee! The prize is not having to pay for the next session, worth over $200. I’ll either post my entry here, or a link if they post it on their website.


One response to “A Blessing in Disguise

  1. Congrats on your win! I’d like to know more about it. I’ll wait for your link.

    I’m glad you had a nice home day. I missed out on the snow, was working inside a bay today on a firetruck. But it didn’t stay out this way anyway. Darn it. I want some snow for Christmas!


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