Bracing for Tomorrow

Okay, it’s 12:30 and I can’t sleep. My mind won’t leave the daycare situation alone. I know that we had a lovely day on Friday, but I’m still pissed that I was forced to keep Cameron home. I’m still pissed that the daycare provider’s alternative was to bring Cameron but isolate him. Isolation is punishment, and he did not deserve that. I’m still hurt and angry at what was said and implied. The daycare provider and/or one/some of the parents think I am untrustworthy, that I’m a poor mother, and that I am a liar. If I had any other alternatives I wouldn’t return Cameron at this point. It’s going to be all I can do to be pleasant when I drop him off.

I do know that when I give her the cheque for January (as I have no other options) I will dock it by one day’s pay. She made her choice – my money or the other parents, who supposedly said they wouldn’t drop their kids off if Cameron was there. Only I doubt she saw it that way, from how she phrased things.

She isn’t an evil person, I don’t think she’s doing anything nasty on purpose. This is just who she is. She is, effectively, in a management role and does not have the personality or skills to be there. Her lack of English language skills adds in to it, as she does misinterpret what others say frequently. She handled this badly. But I also know that she does this – she complains about one parent to the others. I’m that one now, whether the other parents are in agreement or not.

Friday is Cameron’s last day there for three weeks almost. Then the daycare provider is away until I think the end of January; she is leaving the daycare in the hands of her assistant and a temporary helper. Here’s hoping that the break helps matters … or that another spot comes available soon.


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