Dawn of a New Era

My alarm went off with static. Cameron had been playing with it again. In the darkness I fiddled with it until I could hear the news and weather station, not yet wanting to start the day.

Shuffle. Shuffle.

I wiggled my toes. Nope. Nimoo was curled up by my feet. It wasn’t her prowling.

Shuffle. Shuffle. Shuffle.

I listened a little more, lying still.

Shuffle. Shuffle. Shuffle. Shuffle.

A roughly three-foot tall figure appeared in my door.

Giggle. “Mama! The sun is up!”

Cameron had gotten out of bed without calling for me or crying once already, but it was after I had turned on some lights. I figured the darkness would still be a barrier. No longer! He even managed to shuffle his way from his room to mine still in his sleep sac, which he’s been sleeping in since it’s so cold here. That’s determination.

So tonight I tucked him in with the usual reminder to listen for me if he wakes up in the middle of the night, plus a new addition. “Wait until you hear my radio playing in the morning Cameron. If you can’t hear it, it’s not time to get up. Stay in bed!”


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