I’m exhausted. It was night two of Polar Express Obsession over here, and as a result I’m thinking no movie tomorrow night. I hate bedtime being screamingtime, and that movie has brought the screaming back.

So it’s time for a happiness post.

Snow. It might have slowed down traffic and made the busses unbelievably crowded, but it’s beautiful. Looking out my office window all day I had a view of flakes flying, evergreens slowly being weighed down by piles of snow, and critters running around in it. Now, out the livingroom window the snow has just blanketed everything. Streetlights and Christmas lights are muted – down to a soft glow. Somehow everything seems quieter, muffled.

Cameron’s glee at the snow that had fallen. They built a snowman in the yard at daycare! He wanted to walk in the patches of snow on the sidewalk, kicking at it and jumping.

I am seriously ready for bed. So that’s it for tonight.


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